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 Angel Connection Partners

We are very pleased to welcome new partners into our store! 

Check out the exciting services we all offer!


melissa Gabriel

Angel Connection

Psychic, Medium, Author, Store Owner, Reiki Master, Healing Touch, Hypnotist

Call: (207)573-1187 

Melissa Gabriel is a caring professional Psychic Medium and Spiritual Healer. She has been using her abilities of clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), and clairsentience (feeling) to help guide others for over 20 years.


Through private or group readings, she has assisted in connecting people with their spirit relatives, guides, and angels.


She is a certified hypnotherapist specializing in past life regression. She can be heard on the Angel Connection podcast 'Angel Connection presents Exploring the Unexplained' diving into many different spiritual and metaphysical subjects with cohost and Angel Connection partner, Peter Borja.

Melissa is proud to bring together all of these incredible workers to one place, Angel Connection.

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Peter Borja

Infinity Designs

Energy Worker, Medium, Artist

Call: (207)573-1187

Peter Borja is a practicing energy worker, medium, and artist. His business, Infinity Designs, uses intricate wood cutting to create beautiful objects, which you will find at Angel Connection.

Peter is the featured cohost of Angel Connection's podcast 'Exploring the Unexplained' and has taught classes in tarot reading and spiritual art here at Angel Connection.


Joy of Life Massage Therapy


Arielle is a Licensed Massage Therapist in practice for 3 years specializing in Deep Tissue and Prenatal. She went to school in Fayetteville Arkansas at Blue Cliff College.

Landen is a Licensed Massage Therapist in practice for 6 years specializing in Deep Tissue. He went to AR Therapeutic Massage School in Hot Springs Arkansas.

At Joy of Life Massage Therapy our goal is to relax the body and mind for full enjoyment of life!

They offer Swedish and Deep Tissue massage.  You can add hot stone or cupping for an additional fee.


Brittney Introne

 Divine POREfection

Licensed Aesthetician, Reiki Master

Brittney Introne has been a licensed Aesthetician for 11 years. 


She is a Reiki Master and incorporates Reiki into her facials.  She uses only all-natural skincare products.

She is highly intuitive and now offers Angel Card Readings!

Book an appointment for Facials, Reiki or Angel Card Readings here.


laura frye
psychic/medium, oracle card reader, pranic healeR, AKASHIC RECORDS

Laura Frye is a compassionate Psychic/Medium and Healer.  It is her passion to help others by giving guidance and connecting them with spirit loved ones.  She is an experienced Psychic/Medium for 6 years.  She has been a Pranic Healing Practitioner for 3 years.  



Jodi Puleo, MA

 Certified Shamballa Reiki Master/Teacher, Spiritual Intuitive, and Mental Health Consultant

Jodi Puleo, MA is a certified Shamballa Reiki Master/Teacher, spiritual intuitive, and mental health consultant who combines her Reiki healing, her intuitive gifts and her professional mental health counseling experience to guide and help people and heal. Jodi graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelor Degree in 2000 and from Assumption College with a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and a certificate in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in 2003. For over a decade, Jodi has been providing Reiki healing and mental health consultation and coaching sessions to help heal the body, to bring understanding to our minds and to strengthen our connection to spirit. Jodi tries to help everyone to see that we each have a very special and unique journey that we travel in our life and that all challenges are to help us to grow and achieve our highest potential. In addition to Reiki healing and mental health consultation, she provides psychic readings, angel card readings, Reiki education and certifications, and more.

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Kristen Dorval

Reiki Master, Certified Life Coach,

Meditation and Breathwork Practitioner.

Kristen Dorval is a passionate and intuitive Reiki master and meditation and breathwork instructor, dedicated to promoting holistic well-being. As a certified life coach, she seamlessly blends her expertise in meditation and breathwork, guiding individuals on a transformative journey towards balance and inner harmony. With a deep understanding of energy healing, Kristen empowers others to explore the profound connection between mind, body and spirit.

She offers: 

  1. Life Coaching/Mindset Coaching which includes grounding techniques, goal setting and meditation instruction.  

  2. 1 hour Reiki Sessions

  3. Meditation and Breathwork sessions one on one.


Dawn Wilbur

Psychic Medium, Healer

  • Facebook

Dawn Wilbur is an evidential psychic medium, Reiki master teacher, and Integrated Energy Therapy master instructor. She recently published a book titled 'Ghostly Images', which is a photographic collection of apparitions, spirit orbs, and entities.

She is a spiritual teacher and guides others in utilizing their own psychic abilities to connect with the other side. Dawn serves as an inspirational speaker and message medium for several spiritualist churches throughout Maine. She lives near the midcoast with her family.

Ghostly Images.jpeg

Rhonda Robertson

PEMF Therapy, Reiki

Call: (207)573-1187 

Rhonda Robertson is certified in Magna Wave PEMF Therapy and Reiki Level II and increasingly discovering the universal powers of energy, frequency, and vibration. 

She shares a holistic health approach and believes that amazing healing can come from unconventional alternative practices in both the physical and non-physical consciousness. 

She is an intuitive artist and artisan of “Inventive Recycled Arty-Facts.” She loves to build, repurpose, upcycle, and create one-of-a-kind assemblage art.   


Ronda dodge

Intuitive, Tarot Card Reader

Call: (207)573-1187 or (207)745-7886, email Ronda

Ronda Dodge follows in the lineage of her grandmother and mother before her as a powerful and experienced intuitive and tarot card reader. She has a keen ability to gain insight into your current situation and life path with ease and deliver it to you with confidence.


Ronda's straightforward reading style will leave you feeling optimistic and empowered with practical, applicable advice. It won’t be long before you’re connecting the dots between your Power Hour with Ronda and the  incredible future before you. Ronda’s deck of choice is Voyager Deck by James Wanless for its multi-layered messaging.


Ronda’s "other" career in health care began in 1985. She moved from crisis and substance abuse counselor to healthcare Revenue Cycle financial and operational administration.  Through this high-level C-suite work she was able to develop her intuition to "sense" the corrective action for smoother operations, relationship management, team building. She used these skills with contract negotiations and learned the ins and outs of the corporate world. Her intuitive insights often led her to results that would shock even the most hard-nosed peers. Ronda understands corporate America.


Whether you are a corporate business person who is open to personal growth through tarot or coaching or just beginning to open your mind to “the other side”, with more than 35  years of tarot reading experience Ronda can and will apply her powerful insights to answer your most pressing questions.


Book your session now and let the future unfold with confidence..



Divine POREfection

Licensed Aesthetician, Reiki Master

Call/Text: (207)745-6885

Brittney Introne has been a licensed Aesthetician for 11 years.  She is unique in her approach due to incorporating Reiki into her facial treatments.  She is a Reiki Master.  She uses all-natural skincare products.  

She is highly intuitive and now offering Angel Card Readings!

You can book an appointment here or text/call 207-745-6885.

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