Cleanse your home!

I recommend every one does this.  It will get rid of negative and stagnant energies and make your home feel more welcoming and lighter.

  • Get some sage.  Either incense or a smudge stick

  • lit it and make sure you waft the smoke into every nook and cranny.  Around doors and Windows as well.

  • Say out loud or to yourself "I am releasing all negative and stagnant energies, only energies of light and love can enter this home.

  • As you go through your house, visualize it filling with light.  You can also call in Arch Angel Micheal and ask him to clear the energies of this space and Claim it in his name.  "Arch Angel Micheal please clear this space and keep us safe, I claim this space in the name of Arch Angel Micheal the protector"

  • You can also use obsidian or onyx in the four corners of your home to keep out anything negative.

     White Light      


Close your eyes and relax.  Take 3 long, slow deep breaths.  As you are taking your deep breaths, visualize a spot of white light in you core.  Then see the white light come down from above, enter through your head, and connect with the spot of light in your core.  See the white light expand filling up your body and extending beyond.  Say aloud or to yourself, I am surrounding myself with the white light of divine love, God, Angels, whatever you feel comfortable with.

This will block negativity, release stress, and create  mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.