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We are very pleased to welcome new partners into our store!  Check out the exciting services they offer!

Purpose Life and Health Coaching

Susan Faloon 

Certified Health Coach, Certified Life Coach

Specializing in Paleo, Primal and Keto Health Coaching


Susan Faloon is a Certified Health Coach with the Primal Health Coach Institute. She is one of only three Primal Health Coaches in the state of Maine, and the only one is the Bangor area.


Primal Health Coaching is the singular health coaching certification founded in scientifically validated ancestral health principals. The content for this model, the acclaimed Primal Blueprint, supports maximum vitality and well being through the timeless integration of strategies across broad spectrum of lifestyle dimensions, including nutrition, fitness and other lifestyles affecting overall health.


Susan is also a certified Life Coach with the Life Coach Training Institute and has obtained certificates in Therapeutic Art Life Coaching and Relationship Life Coaching. She has a BA in Journalism and Public Relations from UMaine, a MA in Journalism and Public Relations from Kent State University, is accredited in PR by the Public Relations Society of America and is a graduate of Leadership Maine. She has coached corporate executives and government officials in effective communications techniques. Visit Purpose Life and Health Coaching at or Facebook/com/PurposeLC

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Infinity Designs

Peter Borja

Energy Worker, Medium, Artist

Dawn Wilbur
Psychic Medium/Healer
She offers Psychic Readings and Reiki Classes
Text: 207-505-6255
Dawn Wilbur is an evidential psychic medium, Reiki master teacher, and Integrated Energy Therapy master instructor. She recently published a book titled Ghostly Images, which is a photographic collection of apparitions, spirit orbs, and entities. She is a spiritual teacher and guides others in utilizing their own psychic abilities to connect with the other side. Dawn serves as an inspirational speaker and message medium for several spiritualist churches throughout Maine. She lives near the midcoast with her family.
Rhonda Robertson
PEMF Therapy
Rhonda Robertson is certified in Magna Wave PEMF Therapy and Reiki Level II and increasingly discovering the universal powers of energy, frequency and vibration. 
She shares a holistic health approach and believes that amazing healing can come from unconventional alternative practices in both the physical and non-physical consciousness. 
She is an intuitive artist and artisan of “Inventive Recycled Arty-Facts.” She loves to build, repurpose, upcycle, and create one of a kind assemblage art.   
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Leanne Bishop
Healing Touch CertifiedPractitioner/Instuctor
Leanne Bishop has found her purpose and passion as a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner and Instructor (HTCP/I).  Leanne teaches throughout the State of Maine and beyond, including here at Angel Connection.  Leanne has a B.S. in Elementary Education and a M.Ed in Counselor Education, but has realized the most important education she has received is through her journey with Healing Touch Program. 
Healing Touch is a compassionate energy therapy in which practitioners use their hands in a heart-centered and intentional way to support physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and self-healing.  The Level 1 class is an opportunity for self-healing, exploration, learning, and transformation.  In a Healing Touch Level 1 class you will learn 12 energy therapy techniques to support family, friends, co-workers, clients, and self. 
Contact us here at Angel Connection learn more about upcoming classes and workshops.  For more information about Healing Touch, contact Leanne at or (207) 217-0362 or go to

 “This was a life-changing experience!  I feel so blessed to have participated.  Leanne is an amazing teacher, and the entire weekend was one of the most powerful, affirming, loving and sacred of my life. “ Amy C.

Heavenly Crossings

Alicia Hewes
Psychic Medium
Alicia Hewes is a evidential psychic medium.  She is a third generation medium.  She has an ancestor names Samuel Wardwell who was hung at the Salem Witch Trials in 1692.
As a little girl, Alicia was able to see and connect with spirit.  She would often sit in family circles and deliver spiritual messages.
Alicia is a long time student of spiritual learning.  She now offers spiritual readings at Angel Connection.