Upcoming Events at Angel Connection

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Past Events We've Done At Angel Connection

Mediumship Development Class


10 AM - 2 PM

$100 per person

Come meet the vendor's of Angel Connection. They will be in store with more of their unique handmade products, something for everyone on your Christmas list! Try a Reiki session for only $20 for 15 minutes!

Sound Meditation with Liani Nutter


7 PM

$30 per person

Mediumship Development Class


10 AM - 3 PM

$100 per person

Develop your connection to spirit for your own guidance or for reading other people.

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Gallery Readings


6 PM - 8 PM

$20 per person

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Discover Your Intuitive Self with Dawn Wilbur


10 AM - 2 PM

$100 per person

Nourish to Flourish Retreat


10 AM - 3 PM

Spiritual readings, gentle yoga, meditations, and health and wellness coaching.

Understanding Tarot with Peter Borja


6 PM - 7:30 PM


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Medium's Day


10 AM - 2 PM

Special pricing for readings and reiki.

More about past events

about Sound Bath / Sound Meditation

Liani Nutter came to Angel Connection in the fall of 2021 to conduct Sound Bath Meditation sessions.  Some of you may have experienced this but for those who have not, let me explain what a sound bath is.


During your Sound Bath or Sound Meditation, vibrational instruments are performed, such as crystal singing bowls, gong, and Chimes, that are tuned to clear your mind, body, and spirit.   As the instruments tune in to your energy centers, also known as your Chakras, different tones and frequencies are generated to clear, rebalance, and activate your higher states of consciousness. During this time you will be laying down or seated in a comfortable position to receive your experience. . Each person finishes the exercise using a crystal pyramid, sending home all the love and healing vibrations you experienced. 


Some ask how does the person playing the instrument know what to play and when or how long?  The tone is intuitively sensed by the vibrations of the individuals in the room.  In the case of Liani Nutter, Spirit moves her hands or guides her to shift the playing.


There are many benefits of a Sound Bath, some of which are to relieve stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. At the end of your Sound Meditation you will be left feeling relaxed, restored, rejuvenated, and completely crystal clear.  Do not be surprised if you fall asleep!


During a session, there will be a short intro to start where you may ask questions if you like.  The instructor will let you know what you may expect from the session.  Liani would also lead you into a relaxed state to help you enjoy your experience as much as possible.   After the session ends, there will be some silence as individuals wake up and clear their heads.  Then discussion on your experiences can be discussed at that time, if you like. 

Please feel free to bring a pillow or blanket for your comfort.

Table Tipping

Table Tipping is an exciting mysterious penomenon that leaves its participants with confirmation that the spirit world can communicate with us in a very physical, tangible way.

Table Tipping is a form of physical mediumship.

As we know, everything is energy and with table tipping, spirit energy uses the table to facilitate communication with those participating.

Participants sit around a table with their fingertips gently resting on the edge of the table. A medium in the group will open a channel to spirit and when contact is established, the table will move and/or rock or thump. Particpants ask yes or no questions and answers are revealed through the unique movements of the table. They may hear from loved ones that have passed, make connection with spirit guides to receive messages or advice.

Table Tipping is an incredibly powerful and spiritual healing experience.