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No upcoming events at the moment

ONGOING classes and Events


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Every Tuesday, 5:30pm - 6:30pm,  $10 per person pay at the door.


Join Brittney for a weekly guided meditation.  We believe group meditations help you go deeper /further with the combined energy of the group.  Every week is a different meditation that is channeled. Watch our Facebook page for weather cancelations.

On-Going Mediumship Development with Melissa Gabriel

Every Wednesday 5pm - 6pm.  Must have had either taken my mediumship development class or have had previous mediumship or energy work training.  We work on strengthening our connectiont to spirit through meditations and learning new techniques. $20pp.

Mediums Day
Occasional Saturdays

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A day packed with spiritual messaging, educational experiences, try out wellness tools, and get great deals on merchandise!

In the past we've featured the following services $20 for 15 minutes at these events:

  • psychic/medium readings

  • Reiki healing

  • IET healing

  • Zero Gravity LED Infrared Light and Heat Therapy

  • PEMF Healing 

This event runs from 10 AM to 2 PM on occasional Saturdays. You'll be able to sign up for prizes, too!


Check out our Facebook event page for the next scheduled Mediums Day.

Gallery Readings Friday

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Come be part of the audience as Melissa Gabriel or guest medium conducts psychic medium readings for individuals in the group.  It's also fun to experience with a family member or a group of friends.

Please arrive 10 minutes early so we can get started promptly at 6 PM and more people can get readings. Tickets may be purchased in advance or at the door.
$20 per person


Check out our Facebook event page for the next scheduled Gallery Reading.

More about past events

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Check out what Angel Connection has hosted in the past on our Facebook Events page.



Reiki II

June 25, 2022, 10 AM - 4:00 PM PREREQUISITES: Certification in Level 1 

This course is the next step in the Reiki journey. Students will learn three sacred Reiki symbols to empower their Reiki energy and enable them to send Reiki distantly. Students who have completed Reiki level 1 and received the purple William Rand manual should bring that manual to this class. If you didn’t receive the William Rand manual, one will be provided to you. All students will receive a Reiki 2 attunement and certificate of completion. Class size is limited to 4 students. The prerequisite is Reiki level 1 certification. If you received level 1 from a different teacher, please provide a copy of your certification.

Early bird pricing is $225 if signed up with paid deposit (via PayPal) by June 5th. Regular pricing is $250. Sign-ups end June 17th. A deposit of $50 will secure your spot. The remaining balance will be collected at class. Contact me to sign up or for more information.


Health & Wellness Event


Hosted by Susan Faloon of Purpose Health & Life Coaching and Tony LaPrino of OnAscent.



Your symptom is not the problem, it's the result of the problem. It's also a contributor to other health problems.
Susan Faloon, Certified Primal Health Coach, Certified Life Coach, and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Trainee will discuss becoming a health detective, why chasing and treating symptoms or a diagnosis is not the answer, and the path to a fully functional, balanced, and resilient you.
• Have you ever been frustrated after going to one or more doctors that they can’t seem to find out what’s wrong with you?
• Have you been told your test results are normal, but your body is telling you something else?
• Do you suffer from chronic fatigue, gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, weight gain, headaches, chronic pain, autoimmune disease, low energy, poor sleep, anxiety, depression, etc. yet you can’t seem to get answers?
• Have you been told everything is “normal” or just part of getting older, menopause, andropause, etc. or all in your head? Hint: it’s not normal and not all in your head!
• Have you been treated for a specific diagnosis, such as thyroid disorder, but you are still having symptoms?
It’s time to stop the cycle of trial and error when it comes to your health!
*This session is not intended to replace medical advice or diagnose or treat any specific symptom.



Overwhelmed with the expectations I set for myself and my business, I created an unrealistic vision of what my life should look like. The refusal to accept the reality of my situation was the problem and it almost cost me everything. We are not taught to challenge the negative thoughts we create in our minds which lead to years of built-up painful emotions.

Years of burying these emotions and negative thoughts lead to increased levels of stress, pressure, fear, anxiety, money worries, and feeling alone. With the refusal to accept the reality of the situation, suppression was the only way to quiet the noise.

My name is Tony LaPrino and like you and like everyone, to get to where I am, I road on the backs of influencers in my life. As a high-performance coach on how to become the 1% elite, and the owner of OnAscent, a coaching agency, I had a big vision, an even bigger fire deep within my soul to create a new reality in my life. A reality based on the truth. Built on facts. It was time to change my reality. For the first time in my life, the possibility of a life filled with deep purpose, passion, power, and prosperity was now my new reality.

I created the Achiever’s Journey for the millions of men who feel broken and alone. Because if I can inspire just one man to build a more purpose-driven, energetic, and empowered life and experience what it feels like to win again then it was all worth it.

The 1% Elite
High-Performance Coach
Mobile: 207-745-5304
4 Union Plaza #25 | Bangor, ME 04401

Power In Belief Series

Spiritual Experiences Event

A fully interactive day of wisdom, healing, and spiritual experiences which includes gallery readings, crystal bowl meditation, integrated energy therapy, akashic record experiences, and channeling. Past events have hosted psychics, mediums, energy workers, and renowned authors.

Mediumship Development Class for Beginners

Spiritual Education Class

Melissa Gabriel leads this introduction to discover your own mediumship abilities. This is for anyone who would like to develop their connection to spirit for their own guidance or for reading other people. It will change you. With proven methods of meditation, mental exercises, and hypnosis, you will be able to give messages by the end of the day.

​​The Depth of Tarot with Peter Borja

Spiritual Education Class

Angel Connection Partner Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher, Peter Borja, led this class into the depths of tarot. Peter has a different perspective on reading tarot cards, one where he breaks down the numbers of each card in an alchemic way.

Paint & Sip with Peter Borja

Spiritual Education Class

Come join Peter Borja for a Paint & Sip. Paint beautiful Art while enjoying a glass of wine. Limited Space!

The Akashic Experience with The Heitmanns

Spiritual Education Class

This four-hour workshop has you accessing the Akasha, where the knowledge of all that has taken place throughout space and time, for everyone, exists. Some call this the Book of Life, or The Hall of Records, where all the volumes of life you have had lay on shelves to be taken down and read. In Sanskrit, Akasha means the primary substance out of which all things are formed. It is an etheric plane we access by thought and intention.

The purpose of this program is to allow the learner an opportunity to feel the Akashic Experience themselves, opening and addressing their own Records, questioning their own Records, and then learning how to address the Records of others, seeking information for betterment in the now. Only information that will bring benefit to the individual or group requesting it is accessible. Nothing can or will be revealed that is not in your best interest to know, learn, and gain.

Painting with the Divine

Spiritual Education Class

Hosted by Peter Borja, this three-week-long course explores the arts and your inner connection. With guided meditation, you will channel in the light and allow the divine to guide you through painting art in an abstract way. Peter shows you unique techniques for abstract painting and following your intuition.

Tasseomancy the Art of Reading Tea Leaves

Spiritual Education Class

Hosted by Julie Philbrick of Practically Magik Soap and Candleworks, this is an evening class about the history of tea leaf reading as well as a practical application class.

Past Life Regression Workshop

Spiritual Education Class

Led by Angel Connection owner and medium/healer/author Melissa Gabriel, this workshop will get you into a deep, relaxed state through relaxation techniques and hypnotic suggestions. Your conscious mind relaxes and opens the subconscious to connect with memories of another life or incarnation. Your experience will allow you to have a greater understanding of situations in your current life and increase your knowledge of who you are as a spiritual being. Reliving past experiences can help you to let go of phobias or fears that you have brought into this life. Your guides will help you connect with a past life that has significance to this one. It is always an interesting experience, very personal to each participant.

Sip & Shop Customer Appreciation Event at Angel Connection

Gift Shop Special Event

Come join us for a glass of wine or a mocktail and shop our unique little store. Something for everyone, even for those hard to shop for people. Lots of Maine-made products, gifts, and metaphysical items. We have everything for Mind, Body, Spirit wellness. Also, enter to win a $50 gift certificate for products or services.

Vendors' Showcase!

Gift Shop Special Event

Come meet the vendors of Angel Connection. They will be in store with more of their unique handmade products, something for everyone on your Christmas list! Try a Reiki session for only $20 for 15 minutes!


Find home decor, bath and body items, and beautiful locally made art. Vendors include Ralph Parks stained glass pieces, Purpose, LLC home decor products, Practically Magik Soap and Candles Works with all vegan bath, body and candle items, Slatecraft with home decor pieces, Chronic Crafter with home decor, jewelry and clothing items, and Infinity Designs intricate wood carving art and useable items.

Sound Meditation with Liani Nutter

Spiritual Session

At the end of your Sound Meditation you will be left feeling relaxed, restored, rejuvenated, and completely Crystal Clear. There are many benefits of a Sound Bath, some of which are relieving stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Feel free to bring a pillow or blanket for your own comfort.

Sound Meditation with Liani Nutter

Spiritual Session

At the end of your Sound Meditation you will be left feeling relaxed, restored, rejuvenated, and completely Crystal Clear. There are many benefits of a Sound Bath, some of which are relieving stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Feel free to bring a pillow or blanket for your own comfort.

Table Tipping

Spiritual Education Class

Table Tipping is an exciting mysterious penomenon that leaves its participants with confirmation that the spirit world can communicate with us in a very physical, tangible way.

Table Tipping is a form of physical mediumship.

As we know, everything is energy and with table tipping, spirit energy uses the table to facilitate communication with those participating.

Participants sit around a table with their fingertips gently resting on the edge of the table. A medium in the group will open a channel to spirit and when contact is established, the table will move and/or rock or thump. Particpants ask yes or no questions and answers are revealed through the unique movements of the table. They may hear from loved ones that have passed, make connection with spirit guides to receive messages or advice.

Table Tipping is an incredibly powerful and spiritual healing experience.

Check out what Angel Connection has hosted in the past on our Facebook Events page.

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