A Place of Spiritual Gifts and Loving Inspirations.
I'm Melissa Gabriel, a psychic/medium, author, healer, hypnotherapist and life coach. 
I have had some amazing experiences starting with a miracle healing that changed my life in so many ways for the better.  Since then it has been my mission to help others have the faith, hope and knowing that we are never alone.  Our Angels, Guides and Spirit Loved Ones are always near, loving and supporting us on our life's journeys.
Coming Soon:  I finally have the perfect location for my office and metaphysical/gift shop.  Stay tuned for an opening date.  I am hoping for Mid-August as I wait for inventory to come in.
Please follow me at the links listed below.  You can shop, book appointments and keep up-to-date with classes, workshops and events Angel Connection will be sponsoring right here on this website.
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